About Us

Welcome To Cstylez Apparel

It was always a dream of me and my mother Patricia Jackson, to have a clothing store of our own. My Mother was once the store manager of a small boutique in Compton, CA called Melrose Rack. I would come to help her manage the store, and even manage the store myself when she couldn't be there. It was so enjoyable to have customers visit the store, and leave pleased with their purchase, and the great customer service they experienced

There were times when I would come in the store, and my mother would say "Crystal, remember that woman from yesterday that bought that cute outfit, she came back to say how she loved what you put together for her!" It was those experiences and feedback that inspired us to have our own business in fashion. My mother passed away from Breast Cancer, but her memory lives on through my Breast Cancer Collection dedicated to HER. So in January of 2018....I decided to start my own clothing business. I am also a traveling retailer. I setup my Boutique at the Pasadena Rose Bowl, outdoor Swap meets, and any event looking for vendors.

I love COLOR!!, and it brings so much life, and tells you a lot about a person's character. I love people that take risks when it comes to fashion. I am an artist in many ways, and loved color since I was a child, so THAT is what I bring to my customers...color, life through clothing, and fun fashion!